Community Partners and Community Prosecutors are an Effective Team

This summer, Safe & Sound Community Partner Aaron Edwards summer was working with 6th District Community Prosecutor Grant Huebner, mapping out problem blocks in his sector. Later, Aaron visited some of the problem blocks during his door-to-door outreach sessions. At one house on a particular block, people would shoot guns at night and created an all-around nuisance problem for the other residents on the block.

During the outreach sessions, Aaron met a woman who wanted to tell him what was happening on their block. One family member confirmed which house was responsible for the recent problems and Aaron put them in direct contact with Community Prosecutor Grant Huebner so he could act on it. Grant and Milwaukee Police Officers discovered drugs, guns and two people who were wanted felons living there. The house was closed and several arrests made.

Grant thinks residents have responded positively to the Community Prosecutors. Sometimes it’s a house-by-house or problem-by-problem basis. He knows several people who were so fed up with the problems that they were almost at the point of not caring any more. Then they learned about the Community Prosecutors and called him.

We used many of the hundreds of tools we have to eliminate the problems they had on their blocks. They started block watches and one even joined the board of a non-profit agency. One 80-year woman called the day we closed a drug house. She said she could hear the birds singing for the first time. She had been afraid to go outside, but now was comfortable going outside. This really touched me.

ADA Grant Huebner
Community Prosecutor
6th District Police Department

Radio News Broadcast: City Files Lawsuit to Close Gang House
By Marti Mikkelson, January 18, 2008 – WUWM, Milwaukee, WI

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