Amanda Garry Aliperta

Development Director

Selma Aly

Drug-Free Communities Organizer

Elaine Anderson

District 2 Youth Organizer

Grace Arend

Events Coordinator

Araceli Arevalo

District 2 Community Organizer

Elizabeth Banks

District 3 Community Organizer

Milton Byers

District 5 Community Organizer

Libby Cable

Executive Assistant

William Coleman

Program Director

Sarah Flaschberger

Development & Communications Coordinator

Joshua Jenkins

District 4 Youth Organizer

Danielle Johnson

District 7 Community Organizer

Cacy Kemp

Associate Director

Scott Labott

Technical Assistance Associate

Charmane Perry

District 7 Youth Organizer

Claudia Pizano

District 5 Neighborhood Safety Coordinator

Beth Rosenow

District 4 Neighborhood Safety Coordinator

Katie Sanders

Executive Director

Max Schaeffer

District 4 Community Organizer

Adrian Spencer

Drug Free Communities Manager

Bree Spencer

Director of Technical Assistance and Evaluation

Maritza Ugarte

District 2 Neighborhood Safety Coordinator

Vanessa Vara-Ramos

Program Coordinator