Safe & Sound has been dedicated to improving safety in Milwaukee neighborhoods since 1998. We unite residents, youth, law enforcement and community resources to build safe and empowered neighborhoods and create opportunities for community members and law enforcement to jointly invest in neighborhood safety. 


Beginning in 2016, Safe & Sound has developed a fee-for-service Technical Assistance program to support communities outside of Milwaukee that are looking for innovative, collaborative solutions to public safety challenges. 


How We Help 

Program Replication 
-Coordinate law enforcement and community to address nuisances 
-Foster relationships between residents and law enforcement 
-Use collective efficacy as a community safety tool 
Best Practice Integration 
-Integrate community-centric engagement methods 
-Build and maintain professional-community collaborations 
-Increase public safety organizing capacity 

-Incorporate core philosophies tenants to build community trust 
-Develop program proposals and support implementation 

Data Gathering and Evaluation 
-Establish outcomes with related indicators and output measures 
-Balance Qualitative and Quantitative Data 

Fundraising and Grant Writing 
-Tell your story in a manner that builds a donor base and creates lasting relationships 
-Develop the strategy, relationships and writing to successfully pursue grant opportunities 
Professional Communication 
-Find your organizational voice and create a recognizable brand across platforms  
-Implement a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly communication strategy 

What We’ve Done 

-Supported cities in implementing the Community Policing Unit model 
-Developed a playbook for Community Oriented Policing houses 
-Provided practical community engagement recommendations (for Police Departments) 
-Convened and facilitate youth and police officers in designing the MKE Urban Stables 
-Researched and designed citizen patrol models 
-Developed community safety indicators and stakeholder engagement strategies




Max Schaeffer 
Program Development